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                                       Comprehensive Care With Experience
                                                               We treat your pets like family! 


We strive to provide value for our services and the most comprehensive medical care possible to your pets

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Our clients and their furry companions are always made to feel welcomed and appreciated. 

Our love and passion for what we do shines as bright as the smiles that will greet you!

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Fear Free Tip of the Month:

   Coming to the veterinarian can be a challenge for some owners and their beloved pets. The sounds, sights, and smells can be bit of a sensory overload, even for the most outgoing pets. Do not be discourage pet lovers for our Fear Free professionals are here to help. There are many different ways to reduce the stress of a visit. A good starting point is to bring something from home.

     We recommend bringing your pet's favorite treat or a high quality treat so the visit can be associated with a positive feeling before, during, and after. We also suggest not feeding your pet before the visit. A hungry pet will more than likely accept the treats being offered thus helping to reduce stress level. We are encouraging the "Put the Treat Back Into Treatment" philosophy that the Fear Free Initiative promotes. So whether it be your own goodies or ours, you can expect your pet to be offered several treats throughout the visit. 

                                                               Another way to help reduce stress is to bring your pet's favorite toy. This can offer a fun distraction for your pet while being examined. If your pet doesn't have a favorite toy, bringing a blanket from home can also offer the comfort as treats and toys. 

                                                               Our goal is to make the visit as stress-free as possible for you and your furry companion. Please help us take the "Pet out pf Petrified"! Contact or call us to learn more about this and other Fear Free tips.