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Rehabilitation and Therapy

 From time to time, our pets will require rehabilitation and/or therapy. This need can arise due to injuries, disorders of the musculoskeletal system or geriatric degeneration. It may be prescribed post-operative, orthopedically, or even for weight loss. The benefits of rehabilitation and therapy do not stop there.

Hydrotherapy has become increasingly popular and for very good reasons! The warm water of our hydrotherapy tank aids in relaxing muscle tension, reduces pain, increases blood flow, and creates a low-impact environment to improve the recovery process for your pet.

The uses of hydrotherapy are not exclusive to recovery. It has also been shown to increase endurance and strength for those pets who participate in agility competitions or suffer from muscle weakness or loss.

We also offer laser therapy. Much like hydrotherapy, laser therapy speeds the healing process for your pet and is a non-invasive way to treat and heal deep tissue.

Contact us to learn more about our hydro or laser therapy programs and packages today.

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